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Genre: Thriller
Duration: 1 H 33 Minute
Cast: Lulu Wilson
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Becky is a movie starring Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, and Joel McHale. A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives

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Good acting from the main actress, though. Becky tilley falwell. The film contains shocking scenes and pictures that are difficult to watch.
Besides, it doesn't make much sense to him, how a confused girl doesn't know what to do suddenly becomes some great wisdom. And the scene of the fat man who can't swim seems to be taken from an antique cartoon.

Becky g instagram. Becky southwell. The 'hero' is the most unlikeable character in the whole film, and you really end up rooting for her to get killed, unfortunately.
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